Tornice and Šterne


A tornica is a typical architectural element of houses in rural areas in Kvarner. It is a semi-circular extension of the kitchen with a fireplace and chimney, a place where the family would gather to eat and warm themselves in winter. A fireplace typically featured a wrought iron wood holder, a poker and other tools, tripods and a chain on which a kettle was hung for cooking meals or boiling water. The fireplace also featured a grill for fish, clay dishes, pots, baking lids (peka or čripnja) for baking bread or potatoes, and jugs for wine and water, known locally as bukaleta. Sometimes a tornica would have a wood-fired oven (peknjica).


At a time prior to mdernisation and watersupply system, people have used water tank. The first public ˝šterna˝ were built in the early 19th century, dug in the ground and covered with specially  set  stone. All villages in the municipality of Viškovo have at least one water supply tank in his heart that was the source of life in the community. Today the ˝štern˝ are reminders of the past and the former way of life and as such they should be protected as a cultural and historical heritage. Therefore, in 2007 were repaired the 28 public rainwater tanks that were abandoned, among them four from the area Marčelji, five in Marinići, two in Mladenići, eight in Saršoni, four in Sroki and five in Viškovo. The oldest water tank is considered thatone in the village Saršoni, built in the year 1857.

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