Restaurant Ronjgi

Widely recognized for its wildlife meat specialities, exquisite delicacies of the "local" cuisine, cooking with baking lid, and specific dishes from the grill.
Every year gets its place among the 100 best restaurants. 

Address: Ronjgi bb
Phone: + 385 51 25 60 38



Restaurant Mladenka

In the spacious and comfortable interior of the restaurant with a tradition since 1968. you can experience the tastes and smells of various wildlife dishes, grilled dishes, food with baking lid and a variety of authentic dishes from this region. 

Address: Vozišće 28
Phone:.+ 385 51 256 461



Restaurant Nono Frane

This restaurant in the heart of Viškovo, near the Tourist Board Viškovo, is widely known for its barbecue and the homemade pasta. A real restaurant with home-atmosphere where dishes are prepared according to old recipes from this area with carefully selected ingredients. The staff welcomes its guests on the large terrace with a children playground every day - and always with a smile. The entrance to the large parking area is in a street 50 meters from the restaurant.


Address: Viškovo 47
Phone: + 385 51 256 244


Pansion Restaurant Šmrika

The restaurant with nice atmosphere surrounded by galleries and ethno-collection, provides excellent gastronomic experienc  with a wide range of domestic, autochthonic foods and excellent specialities. 

Address: Marčelji 16

Phone: + 385 51 651 020


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