Sports Park Ronjgi 
Ronjgi bb, Viškovo
tel: +385 51 504 085


Stream - Sport Centre
Marinići bb, Viškovo

tel 1: +385 51 256 706
tel 2: +385 91 8848 173

Stream Sport Centre is located in Marinići and covers 450 m2 indoors and 1,500 m2 outdoors. The centre includes a gym, aerobics hall, sauna, solarium, two indoor five-a-side football courts with artificial grass (indoor and outdoor), and a covered cageball court with artificial grass.

The centre also offers table tennis, aerobics, Pilates, Tae-Bo, kick-boxing, recreational activities, and classic and sports massages. After training, visitors can relax in a pleasant atmosphere and order a refreshing drink or protein shake at the protein bar.

Monday - Friday 9:00 to 22:00 
Saturday 10:00 to 14:00 
Closed on Sunday 


Fitness & wellness centar HULK
Stupari 26A, Marinići
tel: +385 51 681 934

Hulk Fitness & Wellness Centre is located in Stupari. It offers a complete programme for keeping in shape as well as various wellness programmes.


Mountaineering Association Viškovo

Viškovo Mountaineering Association was founded on 20th  February of 2007. and already on 23rd of april 2007 was admitted to membership of the Croatian Mountaineering Association, thus becoming a member of many families across the Croatian mountain societies. The association cultivates and develops mountaineeringrecreation and skills, encouraging love for nature and conservation of natural beauty. Members of the Association are working on personal training, two members  have already completed the course for markers with the Commission for mountain paths of Croatian Mountaineering Association.

The Association informs the villagers about their activities on the information panels in front of the mail Viškovo postoffice.

Contact: President: Radovan Brnelić 
Address: PD VIŠKOVO, D. Sroki 16, VIŠKOVO 51216, 
Phone: + 385 98 610 530



Highland Cycling Club "Kvarner" Viškovo

Highland Cycling Club "Kvarner" Viškovo was founded in December 1997. It has about 50 members. Regularly, they achieve very good results and participate in all the races for the Cup and state championships as well as in some abroad. They stand out as organizers of as much as 9 events throughout the year, racing cross country (XC) and recreational cycling and marathons throughout the county.

Contact: Chairman Marino Anić 
Sports Director: Ildo Gržić 
Address: Saršoni 19, 51216 VIŠKOVO 
phone: + 385 91 5216982


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